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Wellbeing at Work

I have been on a mission to transform the health and improve corporate wellbeing since starting my business 4 years ago.

Corporate Seminar Brochure "The 4 Pillars to Optimal wellbeing"

Corporate Seminar Brochure “The 4 Pillars to Optimal wellbeing”

February was the scheduled completion of a 4 month corporate wellness and nutrition project. My sessions that have included yoga, meditation and nutrition presentations have received a higher uptake of numbers participating than any other corporate program. I am excited to say the impact of my wellbeing initiatives has impacted the business so vastly I have been invited to continue driving improvements in this 300 staffed office.
Words can’t explain the joy and satisfaction I am feeling right now, I have not only brought nutrition incentives to the workplace but have created a culture that’s inclusive of yoga and meditation.

Celebratory Handstand

Celebratory Handstand

Joy is bubbling out of my heart right now