I would quite happily spread the love of wholesome foods and healthy living in any way.

But a few of the main services I offer are:

Nutrition Research Projects- Do you have a business that is seeking nutrition insights and innovation, claim substantiation, nutrition profiling, product reviews, NPD, nutrition interpretation and future scoping, translation of complex scientific and technical data to everyday English. I can help you. I have experience across the food, private health and public health industries. Projects have recently been completed for Mondelez International and Lion-Dairy and Drinks.

Recipe Development- Are you a cafe or restaurant owner seeking to improve the health and nutritional qualities of your offering? Look no further than here. I develop recipes using seasonal produce and nourishing ingredients.

Media Commentary and Freelance Writing- Refer to the Media page for recently published articles. I am able to write, present and speak on all nutrition, health and wellness topics.

School Nutrition and Wellness Seminars- It is imperative to form nourishing habits early on as food choices and eating behaviours track into adulthood. Hence why I am so passionate about educating students of all ages on the benefits of healthy eating. I present to kinder through to year 12. My sessions are customised, inspiring and stress the importance of developing a positive relationship with food. Schools presented to include Carey Grammar, Lauriston Girls School, MLC and Wesley College.

Seminar topics include:

Food Glorious Food

The Power of Breakfast

How to Improve Concentration

The 4 Pillars to Healthy Living

Corporate Wellbeing Programs- Wellness within the corporate environment is crucial for long term health. However, investing in the wellbeing of staff has also been proven to boost productivity and reduce sick days. Programs include development of a workplace wellbeing policy, breakfast and/or lunch programs, express consultations and seminars.

Seminar topics include:

Overcoming the Afternoon Energy Slump

Workplace Health Recommendations

Boost your Immune System During Business Hours

Top 8 Foods for Alertness and Concentration

Public Speaking- I regularly present seminars and workshops to sporting clubs, gyms, hobby groups, events, fundraisers and media launches. I recently spoke to the Women In Academia Group at Monash University and Manningham City Council Home Harvest Group.

Seminar topics include:

Balance your Hormones through Food Choices

Carboydrates: Angel or Devil

Healthy Attitiude, Healthy Body

Superfoods and Superdiets

Fat- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

1 on 1 Consultations- Individual consultations can be held in your home and include a fridge and pantry makeover for the family. I also conduct individual and group consults at Armadale Counselling Rooms.

Group Sessions- Market Discoveries, Supermarket Tours and Group Workshops are a few of the entertaining activities I run for groups of up to 15 people.


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