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Yoga Teacher at Kula Yoga

I am very excited to announce that I have joined the Kula Yoga and Wellness family as a yoga teacher. Kula means “community of the heart” which is so obvious when you enter the gorgeous studio. Yoga is not just the physical practice, it is an opportunity to dive deeper into self awareness and nourishment for body, mind and soul. It is an absolute to joy to be a member of this incredible team.

My classes are:

Sunday Basics 4:00pm-5:00pm

Monday Power 6:00am-7:00am

Thursday Basics 9:30am- 10:30am

And if that wasn’t enough, Kula Yoga run a Yoga cruise every year. This years cruise dates are 25th June till 1st July. I am delighted to advise that I am one of the teachers on board. Nothing is compulsory but there are 2 daily yoga classes (Yin and Power) on the boat rooftop and nearby beaches, Snorkelling, Swimming with Sea Turtles in their natural habitat. We visit local villages and travel around the Gili Islands and Lombok. What a dream!



Fibre: The Original Sexy Superfood

When was the last time you discussed your bowel movements at a dinner party? It seems fibre intake and subsequent bowel activities are not a popular dinner conversation. Trendy superfoods like acai and goji berries, spirulina, cacao and wheat grass seem to be the focus when discussing superfoods.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love an acai breakfast bowl – spirulina shot and raw cacao coated goji berries do excite me. However, expensive ingredients from exotic locations are omnipresent whilst fibre is often considered passé.

Long before noni juice was purported to aid digestive discomfort and maca was heralded for …

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For wholesome nourishing and utterly delicious high fibre breakfast options, see HERE

The Impact of Technology on Your Wellbeing

It’s now midway through winter in Australia, many of my clients are spending longer hours immersed in technology, watching TV and playing games on the ipad.

However, this may be at a cost to health.

Check out my latest clip on the impact of technology use (particularly late night technology use) on your wellbeing. I’d love to know what you think.

With Love and Nourishment xx


A Magical Elixir

Watch this clip for the secret to a youthful complexion, boosting your digestion and metabolism, enhancing concentration and improving your overall health. You might be surprised ….. 🙂


Honesty is the Best Policy

Something honest and authentic….

Many claim to be nutrition and health “experts” yet what they offer is shonky claims based on nothing but hocus pocus. I don’t follow the status quo just to win popularity contests. Your health and wellbeing is far too important and so is mine.

photo (4)

I prefer to let my work and achievements speak for themselves rather than dismiss specific individuals, products or services that oppose my core principles.
But the truth is, for too long my industry has been attacked by “experts” with no basic nutrition education and training.

Nutrition science is far more complicated than coconut oil, kale smoothies and chia pudding.

Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

I am a Registered Nutritionist, registered with a professional body. (See here)

Every three years I need to accrue a minimum of 300 continuing professional development points in order to retain my registration; even though I have studied nutrition for over 6 years, have 2 nutrition degrees (one undergrad and one postgrad) and have been in this industry for more years than my young face may indicate.

I don’t say that to satisfy my ego, you simply deserve to know what my qualifications and credentials are. It is why I pride myself on honesty and authenticity.

And so with that, I have just received my updated certificate, registering me for the next three years.

Happy Days xx

Nutrition Society of Australia Registration Certificate

Nutrition Society of Australia Registration Certificate

The Truth About Sugar

It’s possible I may lose some of you with this post but I pride myself on honesty and authenticity so feel the need to voice my thoughts….Something that’s been on my mind for a little while but I haven’t articulated so clearly is my thoughts on avoiding fruit and the whole I quit sugar philosophy.


To set the scene, I have about 10 years experience in the nutrition/health industry, an equivalent of six years studying nutrition, 2 nutrition degrees and i’m a qualified and registered professional. However, if individuals profoundly oppose my thoughts and opinions on food BUT take an interest in their wellbeing and seem healthy, I rarely harp on about their theories. Until today…

It utterly astounds me how the entire fruit group can be avoided by so many simply because it contains sugar. Now please don’t misinterpret, I am not suggesting processed carbohydrates and sugar laden meals and snacks be consumed regularly, I have no appetite for this food.
But rather, that fruit should not be classed in the same box as said processed foods, whilst highly processed commodities like most protein powders and coffee will be consumed without a second thought.
Whatever your opinion is of coffee, there is simply no denying, it is a stimulant and overrides our bodies natural circadian rhythm by impacting our alertness centres, cortisol and adrenaline. Adding butter and coconut oil to your morning cuppa to reduce this effect is really justifying a coffee addiction. No offence.

Now back to fruit, fruit is one of the most natural foods we can consume. If you buy organic you’d understand how much love, time and dedication goes into nurturing and growing the produce.
Fruit contains a plethora of nutrients- antioxidants that boost our immune health, vitamins that support energy transport around the body, minerals that boost healthy hormone synthesis, and fibre for gut health and to reduce bowel cancer; just to list a few.

More often than not fruit sugars are bound to fibre so they are slowly digested. There are some exceptions that are higher in fructose and water but you will still be better off consuming them than most other snack options. If you are sensitive to fructose and have been diagnosed with this, obviously tread lightly. However, avoiding an entire food group based solely on avoiding sugar is not justifiable.

With love and kindness, Sharon xx

21 Days To Wellness

As a Nutritionist I love seeing others passionate about their health and motivated to consume wholesome foods.

However. something I wish was that self nourishment was a constant, a non-negotiable, rather than an activity reserved to get in shape for summer, the special event, your vacation or the other fleeting activity that inspires health.

I wish that instead of seeking unrealistic weight loss, each and every person sort health and wellness.

Health and wellness is important every day of the year.

It’s the only way to ensure we can be our best.

So, having said that…

I am bursting with excitement to announce the 21 DAYS TO WELLNESS  

I have put together this free pack to guide you on your journey. Twenty one days is only 3 weeks.

It is a perfect time to encourage healthy practices.


  1. Download the 21 Days to Wellness Templates
  2. Stick it on your fridge, wardrobe, bathroom mirror or anywhere else you think relevant.
  3. Use my suggestions or make up your own on the blank template.

The only rule is the wellness activity should be manageable, realistic and maybe even something fun.

It can be ever so small, just something that is like a loving hug for your body and mind.

21 Days to Wellness (2)

And, if that wasn’t exciting enough…

I want to celebrate you, your health and the goodness about to approach.

In honour of this special occasion, I am running a competition.

The following gift hamper could be yours.

Products from Brookfarm, Byron Bay Tea Company, Loving Earth, Moxie, Kosmea and Jacqueline Evans Skin Care

Products from Brookfarm, Byron Bay Tea Company, Loving Earth, Moxie, Kosmea and Jacqueline Evans Skin Care

All you need to do is:

Follow this facebook page.

All the details will be listed on this page from Thursday 11th September.

It‘s pretty simple, Just follow this facebook page

Looking forward to hearing about your goodness,

With Love, Sharon xxoo