Hey there I’m Sharon, a Registered Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Health Activist.

Sharon at market

I believe that everything in life is better when we nurture our bodies with real foods and move our bodies often.

Sharing a beautiful meal full of nurturing and nourishing ingredients with friends and family is one of my loves.

I also believe very strongly that we need to invest in ourselves by loving and respecting our bodies enough to make nourishing food choices. 

Nourishing foods should be at the foundation of our health, a non-negotiable.

In my business I see how wholesome food choices:

  • Enhance vitality and improve energy levels
  • Balance hormones
  • Elevate happiness
  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve rational thought processes
  • Facilitate better sleep
  • Improve digestive distress
  • Enhance relationships
  • Reduce the risk of illness and disease
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve blood sugar levels and prevent drastic sugar highs and lows
  • Prevent headaches and migraines
  • Eliminate sugar cravings
  • Boost immune system health
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Enhance sports performance

I’m on a mission to make you:

LOVE your self,

RESPECT your body,

and NOURISH with wholesome nutrition.

A true state of wellness awaits. It is simply not the absence of illness, but the state at which your body and mind are performing at their optimum. This feels amazing.

My promise to you:

I offer a customized, targeted service that ensures all recommendations are relevant to you and your family or your team.

There is no one size fits all.

I provide a professional service that is based on years of experience in the private sector, public health and food industry. I have seen it all.

I want you to feel good about your body, to have energy for a fulfilling life and to look at food with love, no guilt.

I believe in the power of plant foods and I want you to believe this too.

I live and breathe the advice I offer.

Whether you are after meal plans and dietary guidance or a seminar for your workplace, I bring passion, inspiration and advice that is based on sound nutrition science. You deserve nothing less.

I am passionate about healthy living and eating wholesomely.

I create recipes that respect the ingredients. There are no 40 ingredient recipes that force you into the kitchen for days. Simple recipes full of heart, soul and respect for mother natures finest.

In a supportive and nurturing environment, you will feel at ease to express health concerns and wellness goals, or general queries related to nutrition and wellbeing.

In consultations I evaluate your current health, family history, food likes and dislikes, hobbies and more to reach wellbeing goals that are realistic and manageable for you.

My recommendations are based on:

  • Encouraging you to love and respect your body and mind
  • Educating you on how to listen intently to your body
  • Nurturing more mindful eating practices and recognizing hunger cues
  • Guiding you how to seek balance in food choices and lifestyle practices
  • Recommending consumption of a variety of whole plant foods
  • Ensuring appropriate nutrients are consumed for your lifestyle

There are no quick fixes, fad diets and extreme behaviors. Unsustainable practices do not work. They encourage poor self esteem and self worth in the short term. In the long term fad diets promote weight gain, ageing and increase illness, disease and infections.

Join me for this exciting journey.

Carob Balls

I’m happy to spread the love of nutrition in any way but…

Corporate wellbeing programs are targeted to your workplace.  Wellness within the corporate environment is crucial for long term health. However, investing in the wellbeing of staff has also been proven to boost productivity and reduce sick days. Programs include development of a workplace wellbeing policy, breakfast and/or lunch programs, express consultations and seminars.

School seminars are one of my specialties. It is imperative to form nourishing habits early on as food choices and eating behaviors track into adulthood. Hence why I am so passionate about educating students of all ages on the benefits of healthy eating. I present to kinder through to year 12. My sessions are fun, inspiring and stress the importance of developing a positive relationship with food.

Refer to the Services page for a full listing


A few facts about me:

  • I love tea. My favorites are green and chai teas.
  • I love walking through parks and gardens. Nature makes me happy.
  • It’s possible I have too many candles for the size of my apartment.
  • Orchids are my favorite flower.
  • I would wear yoga pants everyday everywhere if it was acceptable.
  • I’m very happy experimenting in the kitchen. Check out my Recipes page.
  • Practicing yoga makes me smile. Especially headstands.
  • I love public speaking.
  • I love writing about nutrition (check out the Media page).


My credentials:

My deep love and passion for health and nutrition and my career experience may be enough for some. But…

I have studied nutrition for over 6 years at university.

I have a Bachelor in Applied Science (Nutrition and Food Science). I was accepted into a Masters of Human Nutrition and have completed the Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition stage.

I am a Registered Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia





Legal Disclaimer:

This information aims to provide wellbeing, health and nutrition information for the reader. The content is suitable for most people. If you have specific nutritional requirements, health concerns or queries the content should not substitute an individual consultation.

Confidentiality Note:

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