7 Facts I Know About Dieting and Weight Loss

1) The number you see on the bathroom scale is not a reflection of your self worth. 

2) Weight loss alone is a poor indicator of health status and future disease/illness risk.

Check your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fasting blood glucose and just for fun, do a strength and fitness assessment.

3) Move your body often!

It feels awesome and will reduce the dependence on measures and numbers.

4) Energy and vitality come from health and physical fitness.

Emotional and psychological wellbeing also contribute. Adopt a more holistic approach to your health rather than only diet.

5) Seek support with your health and fitness goals. Either professionally or from those closest to you.      

6) If you only consume highly processed chemically laden “diet” foods, you may lose weight but your skin won’t glow.

7) Nourishment starts from within.

Learn to love yourself and respect your body.


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