6 Tips for Optimal Wellness

Optimal Wellness is the state at which your body and mind are functioning at their prime.

See my list of 6 tips below for the keys to optimising your health and wellbeing.

1) Avoid Absolutes:
This includes avoiding language such as “I will never…’ or “I will always…” Conclusive, definitive language often leads to obsessive behaviours which are not sustainable. It is also very negative and encourages poor self-worth if the resolution is broken.
2) Be Realistic:
If you want to change your eating habits and lose weight. Start with small, manageable changes. For example, include one more vegetable in your lunch. One positive step forward that is small enough to maintain will provide encouragement and motivation to continue. However, be mindful that lifestyles need greater than 3 weeks to be modified. It takes three weeks to form a habit but 6 months for it to form part of your personality.

3) Be Patient:
In our culture we are used to instant gratification. If a resolution is broken more often than not it will be the death of that resolution. Acknowledge that old habits may re-arise, be patient and persist.

4) Be accountable:
There is no point setting a resolution or goal if it is not going to be measured. This allows for monitoring but is also a means to re-assess the current resolution. It is also a means to document milestones and It is important to celebrate successes.

5) Seek Support:
It is vital when embarking on a new challenge to seek assistance and support. This may be from a professional or loved ones. Research suggests that encouragement from others leads to successful resolutions.

6) Avoid Comparisons:
Remember the only person you need to compete with is the one you were yesterday. It is not your business where others are located in their journey. Love and respect your self without comparison.


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