21 Days To Wellness

As a Nutritionist I love seeing others passionate about their health and motivated to consume wholesome foods.

However. something I wish was that self nourishment was a constant, a non-negotiable, rather than an activity reserved to get in shape for summer, the special event, your vacation or the other fleeting activity that inspires health.

I wish that instead of seeking unrealistic weight loss, each and every person sort health and wellness.

Health and wellness is important every day of the year.

It’s the only way to ensure we can be our best.

So, having said that…

I am bursting with excitement to announce the 21 DAYS TO WELLNESS  

I have put together this free pack to guide you on your journey. Twenty one days is only 3 weeks.

It is a perfect time to encourage healthy practices.


  1. Download the 21 Days to Wellness Templates
  2. Stick it on your fridge, wardrobe, bathroom mirror or anywhere else you think relevant.
  3. Use my suggestions or make up your own on the blank template.

The only rule is the wellness activity should be manageable, realistic and maybe even something fun.

It can be ever so small, just something that is like a loving hug for your body and mind.

21 Days to Wellness (2)

And, if that wasn’t exciting enough…

I want to celebrate you, your health and the goodness about to approach.

In honour of this special occasion, I am running a competition.

The following gift hamper could be yours.

Products from Brookfarm, Byron Bay Tea Company, Loving Earth, Moxie, Kosmea and Jacqueline Evans Skin Care

Products from Brookfarm, Byron Bay Tea Company, Loving Earth, Moxie, Kosmea and Jacqueline Evans Skin Care

All you need to do is:

Follow this facebook page.

All the details will be listed on this page from Thursday 11th September.

It‘s pretty simple, Just follow this facebook page

Looking forward to hearing about your goodness,

With Love, Sharon xxoo


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