A Gorgeous Green Smoothie Bowl

One of my favourite breakfasts is a green smoothie bowl.

Yes, i’m one of those people.

Aside from the flavour, the beautiful vibrant colour and the stunning antioxidants contained within, I just love the thought of eating vegetables for breakfast.

Yes, I really am one of those people 🙂

Although this is a stunning breakfast to kick start the day, it would also make a beautiful afternoon tea or post workout recovery meal.

A Gorgeous Green Smoothie Bowl

A Gorgeous Green Smoothie Bowl


2 Cups Spinach

½ Medium Lebanese Cucumber (skin on)

2 Ripe Kiwi Fruits

½ Medium Banana

½ Ripe Small Avocado

Handful of nuts (approximately 8-12)

Puffed amaranth*

2 Tablespoons Cacao Nibs

2 Tablespoons Goji Berries



In a blender, add spinach, cucumber, 1 kiwi fruit, banana and avocado.

Add a ¼ cup of water to assist blender movement (note: high speed blenders such as a Vitamix may not need water). Water addition will create a thinner smoothie, so add in small quantities.

To Serve One:

Pour green smoothie into bowl.

Chop the second kiwi fruit then stir through smoothie.

Top smoothie bowl with nuts, amaranth* and cacao nibs.


* Amaranth is an ancient grain rich in B vitamins to assist with energy transport around the body. It is also a good source of fibre to keep bowels regular. Amaranth can be found in all health food stores.


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