Porridge Schmoridge

Porridge is one of my favorite breakfasts.

I’m not talking the 2 minute stodgy microwave stuff masking as porridge.

Rather, the beautiful soaked, baked or cooked over stove top seeds and wholesome grains.

If you mix up the porridge ingredients it’s amazing how many different combinations you can make. If you’re not a fan of oats, it’s no problem.

Think millet, buckwheat, quinoa, spelt and amaranth as a start.

These are plant foods that are rich in essential nutrients your body needs to kick start the day.

From B-vitamins for energy transport around the body, slow digesting carbohydrates for blood sugar regulation, fibre for gut health and a boost to the immune system, protein for fullness, cell repair and turnover, magnesium for muscle recovery, relaxation and bone health and selenium for immune support; to list a few.

In my household, I mix up the porridge ingredients and often add nuts and seeds to boost the ratio of good fats for brain and eye health.

Nuts and seeds also boost the protein component. It’s important to have protein and carbs for breakfast to assist with blood sugar regulation. A large bowl of plain oats simply won’t do for this very reason.

See below for some of my favorites:

Creamy Porridge

Creamy porridge cooked with rice milk, water and peanut butter topped with caramelized banana.

Creamy porridge cooked with rice milk, water and peanut butter topped with caramelized banana.

Nutty Choc Maca Porrij (using Brookfarm Power Porrij)

Nutty Choc Maca Porrij

Nutty Choc Maca Porrij

Prepare porrij on stove with water, mix in 1/2 teaspoon each of raw cacao powder, maca powder and cinnamon per person.
Once cooked, take off heat and stir through 1 tablespoon of almond chia seed butter and small spoon of coconut sugar, honey or sweetener of your choice.
To serve, top with almonds, natural yogurt and shavings of raw chocolate. I like Loving Earth dark chocolate.

For an extra special touch, I put organic myrtus berries in the bowl before adding the porrij, it’s a little surprise burst of berry goodness.

Raspberry Stained Porrij

Raspberry Stained Porridge

Raspberry Stained Porridge

I prepared Porrij on medium heat stove with water. Add frozen raspberries after 5 minutes, let them break down and colour the Porrij pink.
Once cooked stir through a small amount of coconut sugar.
Once plated top with carob syrup and kefir. It’s a little tart and beautifully warming,

Green Tea Porridge

Green Tea Porridge with Condiments

Green Tea Porridge with Condiments

Whilst preparing your porridge, add 1 teaspoon of Matcha green tea powder (unsweetened). Once porridge is cooked, stir through mixed seeds and crushed nuts.

To plate, pour the porridge into a bowl and top with mixed unsalted nuts, buckwheat groats and drizzle carob syrup around the edges for something a little special.

Coconut Carob Porridge

coconut Carob Quinoa Porridge

Coconut Carob Quinoa Porridge

Prepare quinoa ahead of time. Re-heat on stove with coconut milk. Once warmed through, stir through carob powder (raw cacao powder could be used instead).

Then serve with ripe banana and shaved coconut slices.



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