Aromatic Prawns

Prawns are one of those foods that seem to draw a crowd. Whenever I run cooking sessions or Market Discovery Tours that include prawn recipes, the sessions sell in record time. I understand why…

Other than being delicious, they adopt flavors beautifully.

Nutritionally speaking, they are an excellent source of the antioxidant astaxanthin, which is beneficial for boosting the immune system and preventing inflammation within the body.

Prawns are also an excellent source of selenium, another awesome nutrient for boosting the immune system.

If that wasn’t enough, prawns are a beautiful protein source. They contain all essential amino acids (the basic building blocks of protein) in ideal quantities, which make then a high quality protein source. This is excellent news for those wanting to be healthy.

Although prawns contain beneficial fats such as DHA and EPA, there is a warning. The downer with prawns is their cholesterol content. If cholesterol is an issue tread lightly with your portions.

Prawn Recipes

I love prawns in recipes that respect these delicious morsels.

When little is added so the true flavor and texture of prawns are able to shine through.

This is one of my favorite recipes, the amount of garlic, ginger and chili added can reflect your taste buds. Here I provide a guide but feel free to change accordingly.

I love serving these gorgeous aromatic prawns atop of quinoa sushi for a wholesome meal and crowd pleaser. They are the perfect accompaniment to your entertainers menu.

Aromatic Prawns with Quinoa Sushi

Aromatic Prawns with Quinoa Sushi

Serves 2


10 Peeled, deveined local prawns, tails intact

2 fresh Garlic cloves

Fresh Ginger, Grated (to taste)

2 Tablespoons Macadamia nut oil (I used Brookfarm Macadamia Nut Oil infused with Lime & Chili)

1/2 Lemon

Optional: Chili Flakes


Marinate prawns in garlic, ginger and macadamia nut oil for minimum 1 hour (overnight is okay too).

Heat pan on medium heat until hot.

Add prawns to pan (no need for additional oil as there is oil coating prawns from marinade)

Cook prawns for 2 minutes on either side, or approximately 10 seconds after they turn pink.

Note: Do not overcrowd the pan.

Remove prawns from pan when cooked, then squeeze the juice of lemon onto prawns.

Optional: Sprinkle chili flakes over the prawns.




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