It Makes Me Sad

It still amazes me when people say they have no time for healthy eating.

It actually makes me sad hearing this.

Healthy living is a fundamental right for everyone- busy or not busy, makes no difference. Living a busy life requires wholesome food choices for energy, vitality, happiness and health.

Even when i’ve had one of those days that really puts “those” into “those days”, i still prioritize healthy food. I deserve nothing less and the same goes for you.

My main concern is that over stimulation and stress caused by overly busy lives will kill. At the very least it will reduce immune system health, energy levels and possibly promote headaches and migraines. This is not living.

It is so important to prioritize your health. If you don’t, no one else will.

In my busy life, i have been able to put together this colourful antipasto style platter.

It’s still possible to lovingly put together a nourishing antipasto-style platter for the adults and a healthy colourful snack pack for the kids. It is possible.

Please don’t negotiate your health for anything.

With love, Sharon xxxx

Antipasto Platter

Antipasto Platter


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