Energising Pink Drinks

I have a soft spot for the colour pink, all shades really.

I love cherry blossom pink, pastel pink, pink lavender, French pink, Persian pink and fandango pink. (I do like saying fandango pink). When it comes to foods my favo pink food has to be beetroots.

Although i really must stress that canned beetroot is NOT beetroot. To all those poor soles out there who base their beetroot opinion on the canned varieties, bless you.

One of my favourite ways to eat beetroot is simply grated in salads. Although roasted beetroot is an utter delight.

Thinking about the sweet goodness is actually making my hungry. Thanks to the handy baking skills of my sister, I am also quite partial to a cacao beetroot muffin.

However, before I digress into the amazing desserts that beetroot love, let’s talk about energising pink drinks.

Beetroot is one of the few foods that is rich in the antioxidant group called Betalains. I love Betalains and so does your liver.

One of the main bodily functions that beetroot support is the elimination of toxins. Let’s be honest, the day after beetroot consumption, the toilet bowl may look as though you are bleeding internally. Rest assured, it’s just beetroot saying “hey there”.

This process of toxin removal filters the gut and rejuvenates the body. The end result is a boost to bodily energy centres and the immune system.

 Now for the energising beverages:

The absolute non-negotiable is the use of high quality vegetables. Fresh, preferably purchased from the local grocer, market or farmers market. Only the freshest veggies are good enough for your body and mind.

Beautiful veggies from South Melbourne Market

Beautiful veggies from South Melbourne Market

Energising Pink Juice

Serves 1


1/2 Medium Beetroot

1 Medium cucumber

1 Carrot

2 Celery Stalks

Big bunch of leafy greens (i love cos/romaine, iceberg, spinach, watercress, kale, silver beet)

Fresh Turmeric, to taste*

Fresh Ginger, to taste*

*Fresh ginger and turmeric can be quite astringent. You may like to add a 1 cm cube of each and build up to larger amounts.


Juice all ingredients in juicer, Consume immediately.

Energising Pick Juice

Energising Pick Juice

Energising Pink Juice for attendees at a South Melbourne Market Nutrition Discovery

Energising Pink Juice for attendees at a South Melbourne Market Nutrition Discovery

Energising Pink Smoothie

Energising Pink Smoothie

Energising Pink Smoothie

Serves 1:


1/2 Cup Milk (I like unsweetened almond milk)

1/3 Cup freshly made Beetroot Juice

10 Berries

1 Small Banana

1 Tablespoon Raw Cacao Powder

1 Teaspoon Honey

Optional: Small handful of buckwheat groats and cacao nibs.


Blend all ingredients in a mixer/Vitamix. Consume immediately.

Note: For a thicker consistency, use frozen banana, ice and less milk.

Optional: Once blended, stir through cacao nibs. Top the smoothie with buckwheat groats.



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