Cinnamon-ey Porridge

Please don’t judge me for what i’m about to say.

You see i’m a bit of a rebel.

I tend to add far more cinnamon to food than most people.

Relax now, I told you i’m a REBEL.

You see, I love cinnamon. I love the characteristic aroma (thanks to the cinnamic aldehydye component) and the pungent, spicy flavour.

I adore the sweet and spicy contribution it makes to any dish or potpourri bundle.

I began researching the health benefits of cinnamon many years ago. Possibly to justify my generous (some say call it, heavy handed) addition of the spice to my food. Possibly 🙂

However, what struck me was actually the origin of cinnamon.

It is listed in numerous places in the bible. Moses was commanded to use sweet cinnamon and King Solomon sings about the beauty of his beloved cinnamon. Actually now i think about it, i’m less rebel, more holy and pure, because cinnamon also inspires me to sing when i’m creating in the kitchen.

Back to the health benefits of cinnamon…

Cinnamon has a profound ability to balance blood sugar levels. It slows the rate at which food enters the blood stream, especially carbohydrate based foods. Cinnamon may also assist Diabetic sufferers by enhancing ones sensitivity to insulin.

If that wasn’t enough, cinnamon may also exert anti-clotting mechanisms and act as an anti-inflammatory. Both are excellent news for reducing the risk of Stroke and heart disease.

However, there is a catch.

You need to consume sufficient cinnamon in order to get the benefit. A light sprinkling over the top of your porridge  simply won’t do. A heaped tablespoon or 2 consumed regularly is needed.

Here, I present my stunningly aromatic, fragrant cinnamon-ey porridge which contains generous cinnamon.

The stunning aromas are a welcome addition to the morning breakfast ritual.

cinnamon-ey Porridge

cinnamon-ey Porridge

Serves 2:


1/2 Cup Porridge (oatmeal)

4 Tablespoons Ground Cinnamon

1 Cup Water / or Milk, for a creamier consistency

10 Brazil Nuts (or any other nut you prefer)


Combine porridge with water (or milk). Let soak for minimum one hour, or overnight.

One oatmeal has marinated in the water and softened. Add cinnamon. Mix to combine.

Place the mix in a saucepan over a medium heat stove.

Cook and stir for approximately 5 minutes.

Separate into bowls and top with a little extra cinnamon.

Top the cinnamon-ey porridge with Brazil nuts.






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