Poached Fruit

Apples often go under the radar in fruit popularity stakes. They are available all through the year so are often taken for granted. However, their natural sweetness and gorgeous crunch are reasons enough to vote for the humble apple.


After praising the apple crunch for a moment, let’s divert. Apples are really very versatile. They are delightful spread with almond butter for a snack, grated into Bircher muesli or chopped and stirred through a salad with celery, crunchy leafy lettuce and natural yogurt.

However, one of my favourite ways to serve apples is to poach them with loads and loads of cinnamon. Warm poached apples and pears are often considered in winter. However, i like them equally in the warmer months. I serve them chilled with almonds, cashews and a little kefir.


3 Green Apples

3 Red Apples

3 Pears

1 cinnamon quill

Ground Cinnamon, to taste (I love cinnamon so am heavy handed with amounts. I would add 1 teaspoon for every whole fruit. So, in this recipe 9 teaspoons)

1 Cup water


Chop apples and pears roughly (this should be rustic)

Add chopped fruit to saucepan

Mix ground cinnamon into fruit.

Break up the cinnamon quill, add to the saucepan

Pour water over fruit

Poach fruit on low to medium heat until fruit has softened and browned. Stir continuously.

Note: I like a thick syrup so prefer to add less water and stir often. Fruit will stick to the saucepan if not mixed regularly.

Note: For a thinner syrup and more ‘juice’ add more water.

Note: Remove the woody cinnamon quill before serving 🙂

Apples and Cinnamon

Apples and Cinnamon

Poached Fruit

Poached Fruit

For something special, serve the poached fruit in glasses. Then top with natural yogurt that has been infused with one vanilla bean. Top with a few sultanas and a sprig of mint. This is pure joy and a beautiful way to have dessert

Vanilla bean yogurt, poached fruit and sultanas

Vanilla bean yogurt, poached fruit and sultanas


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