A Platter of Goodness

I have recently discovered that food looks better on a wooden board. Honestly, any food, any colour and any texture when layed out to bare on a wooden board seems far more attractive. I learnt this from Jamie Oliver.

Topping this wooden board is another matter. It started with a moment pre-dinner when I couldn’t decide what to eat. You know those times when you’re hungry but not in the mood for the planned dinner.

Solution, lay out an attractive board and layer it with goodness. It can be as random as you like. Infact, this recipe is best with chaos and randomness.

I only have a few rules:

1) There must be a leafy green of some variety

2) Nuts such as walnuts should top this delightful meal

3) Avocado should be given on the side

A Platter of Goodness

A Platter of Goodness

Once you have lined the platter with a leafy green (i used cos/romaine lettuce), it is time to top the leafy greens.

In this scenario I chopped green and yellow zucchini into different shapes and sizes. Then grilled until soft but with a slight bite. I carefully placed over the lettuce.

Next is the condiments:

1) Combine natural yogurt with chopped fresh dill, parsley and coriander for freshness.

2) In a mortar and pestle add sun dried tomatoes and dried chili flakes. Combine until a paste is formed.

Add the condiments to the top of the zucchini.

For further goodness, i serve with dehydrated flaxseed crackers that were purchased from my health food shop, 1/4 avocado per person and walnuts for added crunch.



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